Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ABC News and Polyamory

Here's an interesting article on the ABC News website that was posted on the 18th of June. It's a mainstream introduction to the idea of polyamory as a social issue via an interview with one of the members of Loving More, as well as psychologists and an author.

For mainstream media coverage, I'd have to say that I'm impressed. There's kind of a focus on the idea that polyamorous marriage might be the next civil rights movement, which I very much support. The concept of polyamory as a mainstream social issue is something that I hope to see media coverage on more and more. Though unfortunately Deborah Anapol, a poly proponent author, tells ABC that the majority of todays poly people don't want to be in a social spotlight, they just want to be left alone. Of course, in this short article there is no indication where Anapol gets that data, so I'm left to wonder.

And of course, there are a few look-how-poly-doesn't-work stories, which I find completely ridiculous. It's just another case of how easy it is to find supporting anecdotal evidence to support any point. The title of the article definitely has a negative slant, "Polyamory; When One Spouse Isn't Enough," and it ends with the quote "It's hard enough to find a monogamous partner. It's exponentially harder to fit the quirks of two people, plus a third person." That, in my humble opinion isn't the most unbiased way to end an article, but hey, at least the three page article is published.

It isn't quite objective, but it's a step in the right direction

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