Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hard Times at the War Room

Yay for new poly events in Seattle! It looks like the War Room is trying out something new, "a poly omni art experiment." They're keeping it cheap; $5, and it sounds like an exciting experiment in art and culture and community. The Stranger calls it "new weekly Weimar era–style night of polyamorous mindfuckery."

I haven't been yet, the first night is tomorrow, but expect a full report once I go. Any event that is going to include "poly" and "art" in the title is worth a peek.


  1. Sounds like it might be fun, I think me and my partner and going to try to make it this upcoming Wednesday.

  2. I've been twice. Good stuff? The turnout is picking up, and they always have a great performance at round Midnight. I'll watch a sassy Burlesque performer come in and out of her Amazing Yellow Box any day!

    I honestly wonder how many of those folks are actually poly, though, versus hipsters that appreciate a cheap wed night dance with good drink specials. I'm frustrated that it's not a good environment to meet new polys in, since like other queer dance parties (like Cherry, G4G), people mostly go there with their friends and don't interact too much outside their bubbles. And I'm not always into the DJs. And the latenight is better than the start by far... you probably won't really enjoy it if you want to show up at 9 and leave by 11, though maybe that will change?


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